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I've worked it out they never loved us,
but they never even understood us,
give a man anything he could ask for,
and the same man still gonna ask for more,
satisfaction is found in a simple life,
and the attraction is reaching new heights,
well the love is for people,
for raw human experience,
no matter how much money you spent.

Who's in and who's out?
99 just down for the count. (x2)

So we hit new lows and that's how it goes,
the roots must sink for flower to grow,
trampled down like a tramp,
a man reduced to his pennies on the pan-handle,
scandalous represented by the 1% and their interests,
so we pay interest on being uninterested,
arrested development of 99 settlements,
99 problems stemming from the money,
a flurry of the lemmings from a cliff so scummy,
its not a game,
internalized so we locked in our own brains,
commercialized so we forced to pay. (x4)

Who's in and who's out
99 just down for the count. (x2)

Let me take it back to basics,
inequality ain't natural man-made it,
the intent was clear money and power,
Created time so they could drill out the profits by the hour,
so where are our prophets now?
Following their paper trials,
have we really gone and lost it now?
Whats your milk your honey and your holy grail?

Who's in and who's out
99 just down for the count. (x2)


from Solar Ellipsis, released February 19, 2015



all rights reserved


Solar Ellipsis Gainesville, Florida

4 piece Jazz-Hop band from Gainesville, FL. Formed in October 2014 by Daniel Hopin, Noah Hinrichsen, Brandon Delpino and James Boyes at the University of Florida. REPRESENT.

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