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Step down to the ground with the mystical,
miserable when we hurtle the syllable,
so lyrical we work to the pinnacle,
start from the minimal then work the miracle,
incredibly quick like skateboard licks ey,
boy you know we grind in the mix,
confide in the rap that we spit,
straight from the rubble to the ritz,
many man bong hits,
I'm a monster,
watch me conquer,
the impostors,
and then ponder,
the slumber,
when we wonder,
will man ever get from under,
by the hundreds,
still many men wallowing in hunger,
give back to the raiser running a rat race,
raise up above all the bad taste.

I'm wandering,
life pondering. (x4)

No doubt well I will admit,
the mad is magic no never tragic,
and never panic cos rhymes are collected,
until all the synapses are connected,
kinetic yo with the flow,
and you already know,
to avoid being left outside in the cold,
well the roots are deeper,
either seen as a man or a creature,
locked down by the teachers,
locked in by the preachers,
when will the soul take form and feature in a way to reach ya?
One toke on the reefer,
when I see ya we light up. (x2)

I'm wandering,
life pondering. (x4)

Make way now,
make way now,
make way now,
yeah, for the underground. (x2)


from Solar Ellipsis, released February 19, 2015



all rights reserved


Solar Ellipsis Gainesville, Florida

4 piece Jazz-Hop band from Gainesville, FL. Formed in October 2014 by Daniel Hopin, Noah Hinrichsen, Brandon Delpino and James Boyes at the University of Florida. REPRESENT.

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